Featured on dangerousprototypes.com

Imagine my surprise on Monday morning, when WordPress sent me an alert of significant activity on this site. Over 40 visitors within the last hour – that is very unusual. Usually it is much less than that per day. I took a look at the detailed statistics and all of the hits were coming in from dangerousprototypes.com. It appears someone had submitted my article describing a cheap power LED driver to their editorial team, and it got accepted! YAY!

The exposure on dangerousprototypes has generated about 2000 views on the site from about 1200 unique visitors. Of those visitors, only four people have commented on the article. The commentators quickly found one configuration mistake in the circuit’s schematic – which I fixed as soon as I got home that evening. Later discussions seemed to focus more on various efficiency and reliability issues, and curiously, the commentators never seemed to catch on to the fact that the presented circuit is a proof of concept – even when I tried to specifically point this out. Probably no surprise to some of you.

The second surprise was the readership. USA took first place in page views, no surprise. Second place was taken by Germany – that I did not expect! I did know that Germany has a very strong tech culture – I did work with them (and still do) for over 12 years. I had always assumed that most of that readership was focused inwards to German language resources. To put the Germans’ lead into perspective, the rest of the English speaking world’s view count barely matches the German viewership!

This exposure has definitely been interesting and fun – and completely unexpected. Many thanks to the anonymous tipster who suggested my article to dangerousprototypes!


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