Upgraded My HP Touchpad in the Nick of Time

Back when HP was having its big Touchpad Firesale, my wife picked one up for me as a Christmas present. Loved it. A few years on, however, I find I am using it less and less, as it does not do the things I need. Simple things, like Citrix remote sessions, so that I can quickly login to work and help when an issue comes up. Even Netflix or Vudu would be great.

I had heard of people working on an Android build for the Touchpad, and after a few hours of poking around, I decided to try it out. I mostly worked with the information in this page: http://rootzwiki.com/topic/31548-rom-guide-how-to-install-android-23-43-on-the-hp-touchpad-the-easy-way/

Initially i installed the CM9 build that appeared to be the most stable install mentioned in the web page. The install went in parallel to the existing WebOS install. The install was surprisingly easy, even when run from my Mac. I did not use the TPtoolbox mentioned at the top of the article. After the install, the Touchpad restarted and brought up a typical linux bootloader menu, giving me an option to load CyanogenMod or WebOS.  To my amazement, CyanogenMod  booted normally, performed normal first install functions and recognized all of the Touchpad hardware, even my Touchpad Keyboard over bluetooth. All of my Android apps loaded and worked properly via Google Play – except for the Cisco Jabber client. I also gave it to my youngest daughter to test – she declared youtube in perfectly working order! I was even able to authentiate and freely use the wifi at Akron Children’s Hospital. With WebOS it was a 50/50 crapshoot whether it would work with free wifi services requiring an acceptance page.

After two weeks of continuous use, I was hooked. No going back to WebOS. The tablet was a bit slow until I installed System Tuner and turned up the clock speed to 1.6 GHz. So I made the leap. Total wipe and with the help of TPtoolbox installed the latest CyanogenMod built on Android 4.4.4. Perfect!

So what is the catch? Two days after this last upgrade, HP sent me an email they are shutting down all cloud services for the TouchPad on 15 Jan 2015. Oi! Good thing I have found the perfect upgrade for my Touchpad! Highly recommended.


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