Improved iBolt xProDock Latch

About a year ago I ordered the iBolt xProDock for my Samsung Note3, and have been quite satisfied with it, except for one niggle – the latch holding the phone is spring loaded, and it is nearly impossible to attach or remove the phone from the dock single handed. With one hand you need to pull the spring loaded latch up, then with the other hand remove the phone. Last week, the latch finally broke. Rather than buy a new dock, I decided to improve upon the design.

Design goals were for it to be more sturdy (won’t break in 12 months) and second, I should be able to operate it single handed. After a few days and some false starts, I came up with a collar and hook assembly that attaches to the existing spring loaded posts. The hook has an exocentric axle, pulling the spring tensioned posts out of the chassis as it is lifted, but once fully lifted, the downward pull of the springs keeps the hook upright. At the tip of the hook, I placed a small rubberized pad to keep the phone in place.

The STL files for 3D printing are available here, if you happen to need to replace the hook on your iBolt dock. Some Dremel action is needed to get the post holes in the right size. I found that to be easier than battle SketchUp’s limitations. Check the pics below to see the end results.

Dock unloaded, hook in open position, showing rubberized gripping dot.

Rear view, showing harness and 5x1mm screws. Harness screw holes match up with existing machined holes in posts.

Side view showing hook in action.

For those who made it this far, the parts were printed on an XYZprinting da Vinci 3D printer. I use Kapton tape on the heated bed to ease removal after printing, and I have better results using Matchbox branded ABS filament than XYZ’s own filament. The design work was done in Google’s SketchUp.


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