Dewalt DW411 vacuum adapter – 3D print

I have been doing some woodworking prvacAdapter_preview_featuredojects lately, and got tired with my palm sander constantly clogging with dust. The sander did have a vacuum adapter once, but must have fallen out of the transoceanic shipping container or something similar. Rather than trolling through ebay (Latgalīte!) or amazon for a used one, I drafted a replacement in SetchUp and printed up a new one. Nothing much, but it comes in handy. If someone else needs a copy, I have posted it in thingiverse for anyone who needs a copy.

20151115_230210 20151115_230149


2 thoughts on “Dewalt DW411 vacuum adapter – 3D print

  1. Vince

    Hello. I don’t have a 3D printer but I really need a vacuum adapter for my dewalt DW411 sander, If you could make one for me I would be happy to pay you for it. Please email me if you can do this. Thanks. Vince


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