A little bit about myself…

When I was growing up, the family home basement was an electronics manufacturing facility, and it was the time when home computers were just in their infancy. Tinkering with electronics is in my blood.

After college, I spent many years overseas (eastern Europe) where access to electronics was very limited. That was offset by direct access to the vast computing infrastructure, requirements and budgets of the banking world. What I could not do with transistors and capacitors, I could do with computers.

When VMware released its GSX series of virtualization products, I was quickly onboard and have never looked back. VMware allowed me to reduce racks full of single purpose underutilized machines (mostly re-purposed desktops) to a few easy to maintain commercial servers.

These days, I am back in the States, looking after a market specific cloud service, and have a basement lab that meets my needs. This blog is a journal of some of my projects, hacks, scripts, and anything else I think I should document. Mostly, these notes are for me. By writing things down I remember them better. Adding pictures, schematics and board layouts only makes it easier to return to the project at a later date. If it comes in handy for you, then you are welcome to use it as needed.

I hope you enjoy your visit!



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