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Dewalt DW411 vacuum adapter – 3D print

I have been doing some woodworking prvacAdapter_preview_featuredojects lately, and got tired with my palm sander constantly clogging with dust. The sander did have a vacuum adapter once, but must have fallen out of the transoceanic shipping container or something similar. Rather than trolling through ebay (Latgalīte!) or amazon for a used one, I drafted a replacement in SetchUp and printed up a new one. Nothing much, but it comes in handy. If someone else needs a copy, I have posted it in thingiverse for anyone who needs a copy.

20151115_230210 20151115_230149


Improved iBolt xProDock Latch

About a year ago I ordered the iBolt xProDock for my Samsung Note3, and have been quite satisfied with it, except for one niggle – the latch holding the phone is spring loaded, and it is nearly impossible to attach or remove the phone from the dock single handed. With one hand you need to pull the spring loaded latch up, then with the other hand remove the phone. Last week, the latch finally broke. Rather than buy a new dock, I decided to improve upon the design. Continue reading